The Real Story of Risk:

Adventures in a Hazardous World


by Glenn Croston

About the Author

Glenn Croston is a PhD biologist, author, researcher, and father.   As a biologist, he was inspired to write 75 Green Businesses You Can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference, laying out opportunities for people from every background to provide solutions for the environmental challenges we face.  Croston's work talking about green businesses and sustainability has been featured in the LA Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, Businessweek, the New York Times, and countless other media sites, radio, and television.

Along the way, he often found himself wondering about how strangely we seem to deal with the risks we face.  Our responses to risks seem distorted, out of whack with the real risks we face.  Digging into this question lead him all the way back to the roots of humanity, finding that we were shaped by the risks of the world we evolved in over the last few million years, but that the world we live in has changed, often at our own hands.  In our mind we are still dealing with the ancient risks of the world that humans evolved in, and struggling to deal with the new risks of the world that we've created. 


Risk is not something that lives simply in statistical tables, but a living part of our lives and work.  This is the story of The Real Story of Risk, a story that is still unfolding every day for each of us.  The better that we understand how we see and deal with risk, the better we'll each be at dealing with these risks.


When Croston isn't writing, he enjoys jogging, music, going to the beach, spending time with this kids, and other risky activities.



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